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Mona Lisa Touch


The Mona Lisa Touch is a new FDA-approved procedure for the treatment of vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy,

non yeast related itching or burning, poor vaginal lubrication, pain with intercourse and urge incontinence.  It

consists of three in-office treatments of less than 5 minutes each, with no pain, no side effects and no anesthesia.

The results are long lasting with only one refresher treatment a year needed.  There are 5 Mona Lisa Touch lasers

in Knoxville, TN.  This therapy option is not covered by any insurance.   The other four practices are charging $500.00-700.00 per treatment.

That means $1500.00-$2100.00 for the three treatments.  I have decided to make it much more affordable(which has

angered the other practices and the laser company!)  I am charging only $200.00 per treatment so only $600.00 for

all 3 treatments!  This is to make it available to more women.  One of my patients who is a breast cancer survivor came in

and had such extreme vaginal dryness that she bled if she tried to have intercourse.  She could not use estrogen and she

couldn’t afford $1500.00.  This is when I decided to make it affordable!!!